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Volume 2, Number 2, Feb 2002

Conflict Studies Seminars for College and University Faculty

The United States Institute for Peace (USIP) Education Program offers college and university faculty seminars. These regional seminars and workshops are offered around the country and are geared to faculty at the college, university and community college levels. While the seminars focus on incorporating conflict studies in the classroom, they are also tailored to the needs and interests of the participating faculty and institutions.

Seminar topics include: the nature and sources of international conflict in the post-Cold War world; new approaches to managing conflicts; effective ways to teach about conflict and peacemaking; and research agendas on international conflict management that cut across disciplines and enhance teaching.

Past seminars have been titled:

  • "Conflict Management: Culture, Identity and Religion" (New York, 2000)
  • "Do Good Things Really Go Together: Assessing Human Rights and Peace in the Contemporary World" (Indiana, May 2001)
  • "Ethnic Conflict, Accountability and Reconcilitation" (Iowa, March 2001)
  • "Forcing Peace: Whether, When, Who, and How" (U.S. Army, May 2001)
  • "International Human Rights: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century" (Hawaii, 2000)
  • "Promoting Human Security in the New Millennium" (Colorado, 2000)
  • "Teaching and Implementing Conflict Management: From Community to International Settings" (Maryland, 2000)
  • "Understanding and Teaching about Conflict" (South Carolina, 2000)
For more information about the Education Program, contact USIP at

    1200 17th Street NW
    Suite 200
    Washington DC, 20036-3011

Or visit the organization's website at

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