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Volume 2, Number 1, Oct 2001

Mock Mediation Roleplay #5 (continued)

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Unrequited Love and a TV Too
(A relationship dispute)

Joe's role:
You and Mary grew up together in Pittsburgh and had a relationship during high school. You went your separate ways during undergraduate school. You were reunited when you both ended up attending graduate school here at State two years ago. After dating for a few months, you lived with Mary and her now 5-year-old daughter Erica in her off-campus apartment for about six months. (She still won't tell you who Erica's father is, saying it's none of your business.) Mary broke off the relationship after six months, claiming that you two argued too much, and that your drinking was a problem. Even though its been six months since you moved out, you still feel that you love her and you still discuss her with your mutual friends, hoping to keep the flame alive. You are also fond of her daughter Erica and think you should still be able to visit her or take her to movies and such.

You were referred to Campus Judicial System for harassing and threatening Mary. You can't believe it, because you've always been very nice to Mary when you see her, giving her flowers, or writing poems for her, nothing rude or harassing. You think Mary's new beau Dave is just out to get you, and is pushing Mary into pressing charges. You would very much like to renew your romantic relationship with Mary and have the charges against you dropped. You admit that you have been approaching Mary on campus and trying to talk to her as well as calling her at home in the evening, but what's wrong with that? Besides, Mary still has the TV you bought for them when they lived together, as well as some CDs. You think you should get them back, since it was your money that paid for them. You're excited to try mediation, because it will give you a chance to talk with Mary one-on-one, and perhaps persuade her to take back, or at least drop those silly charges against you.
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