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Volume 2, Number 1, Oct 2001

Mock Mediation Roleplay #5 (continued)

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Unrequited Love and a TV Too
(A relationship dispute)

Mary's role:
You have filed a complaint of harassment against Joe with the campus judicial office. You and Joe grew up together in Pittsburgh and had a relationship during high school. You went your separate ways for undergraduate school. You were reunited when you both ended up attending graduate school here at State two years ago. After dating for a few months when you were both new to campus, you lived together for a spell, with Joe moving into your apartment. After about six months you decided you needed to break off the relationship, and you made Joe move out. The arguing and Joe's drinking was just too much to deal with. That was almost six months ago.

You REALLY want to be left alone by Joe and want Joe to stop talking about you, your now 5-year-old child Erica (which you raised on your own during your undergraduate days), and your new boyfriend (Dave) to all your mutual friends. Joe has been following you around campus and calling you late at night, trying to reestablish the relationship. He even came over drunk one night and knocked on your bedroom window, wanting to talk. You want no further contact with him. Joe also keeps mentioning the TV; you feel the TV rightfully belongs to you because Joe bought it while you were supporting them and living in your apartment. Although you are very skeptical of this whole mediation process, you're willing to give the agreement a try if one is reached.
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