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Volume 2, Number 1, Oct 2001

The School Mediator's Field Guide: Prejudice, Sexual Harassment, Large Groups and Other Daily Challenges

by Richard Cohen
School Mediation Resources
Watertown, MA

This practical handbook is designed to serve as a primer and quick reference guide for mediators facing challenging, complex, or atypical cases. It was written by Richard Cohen, one of our nation's most experienced peer mediation trainers (SMA was founded in 1984), with several chapters being co-authored. The whole book, drafts of which were critiqued by a broad group of skilled and experienced school-based mediators and trainers, reflects a wisdom and maturity that bodes well for the field. While it is written with the middle and high school level mediators in mind, the overviews of the various issues, as well the concrete advice and suggestions for modifying intake and mediation procedure, as well as the important words of caution and restraint will be of interest to a much broader readership. At the college and university level mediators working within residence life, student activities, and college orientation programs should find it especially helpful, as may peer mediation courses looking for a supplemental text.

Chapters include:
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Prejudice
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Harassment: An Overview
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Sexual Harassment
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Homophobia and Sexual Orientation Harassment
  • Mediating Across Cultures
  • Mediating Conflicts Between Students and Teachers
  • Mediating Conflicts Between Students and their Parents
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Large Groups
  • Mediating Conflicts Involving Youth Gangs
  • Other Challenges: Interpreters, Returnees, Witnesses, Preventing Violence, "Walkouts", Cancellations, and "No Shows".
The School Mediator's Field Guide includes case examples and handy checklists for each type of conflict. Excerpts from the book, and the book itself, are available from the publisher at or by calling 1-800-833-3318.
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