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Volume 1, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2000

Mock Mediation Roleplay #1 (continued)

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"Political" Studies: Books vs. Activism

Terry Michaels and Pat Smith

You are roommates. You have been very active in campus politics and often held meetings and gatherings in your room to discuss pressing issues for African-American students. You find these meetings exhilarating and a great opportunity to develop and carry out effecive action to ensure a fafir and equitable studying and working environment. Up until Chris moved in next door, you had no complaints from any of the other residents. You hardly ever see Chris and the first contact you had with him/her was a note on your door asking you to hold your meetings elsewhere. You thought that was rude and decided that until Chris actually came to speak with you, you would just let it ride. Last week in the midst of one of your meetings, the campus cops arrived at the door saying they had received a complaint about the noise and asked for the group to "keep it down". You were furious. Why didn't Chris come and ask you about it? Instead, the cops are sent to quiet you down, just another example of whites using force to oppress black people.

You decided it was time to have a talk and stormed over th Chris's room and confronted him/her and his/her company. You sked him/her why he/she would not deal with you directly, why the cops were brought in. Soon, the resident manager arrived and calmed the situation down. She suggested you and Chris try to work out the problems at the mediation center. You reluctantly agree. You suspect Chris is a campus conservative, trying to suppress your rights to free speech and assembly. You won't stand for it, andyou want him/her to know it in no uncertain terms.

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