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Volume 2, Number 2, Feb 2002

Best Practices Meeting

This April 8-11, 2002 Wayne State University will host a 4-day meeting to explore the development of best practice recommendations for campus conflict intervention services, and to convene the formal advisory board for the Campus Conflict Resolution Resources project. A working roster of participants in this meeting is available online.

The Campus Conflict Resolution Resources project, funded by FIPSE, involves building and stocking an online resource clearinghouse to support constructive conflict management practices on college and university campuses. The initiative includes a number of key working groups. Last April the first project team met and successfully produced a program evaluation toolkit for campus conflict resolution projects that is now available online.

The current best practices phase of the project will work to build on other best practices efforts, such as those developed by the National Association for Mediation in Education and SPIDR. They will involve use of an online workspace hosted by Wayne State University called Sitescape Forum to do preparatory work narrowing and focusing our efforts, and then a two-day meeting to hash our some proposed standards of best practice for campus conflict resolution projects. These will be released for comment and suggestion. The best practices team meeting will be immediately followed by a meeting of a formal advisory board for the FIPSE project whose charge will be to help set the direction for the clearinghouse into the future, and to ensure that the project adequately serves and responds to the broadest constituency possible within higher education.

The advisors will review the standards group's work to date, and with these in mind, explore next steps for the project. The third major working group effort, scheduled for Spring 2003, will focus on building a bridge between experienced high school student mediators and college conflict resolution programs, both academic and service-related.
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