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Volume 1, Number 1 Jan/Feb 2000

ADR Cyberweek 2000 is Coming Soon!

Readers of the REPORT are invited to participate in an innovative online experiment known as ADR Cyberweek occurring February 14 - 18, 2000 at This year there will be a special higher education component (still under development) that will engage students from George Washington University Law School and the University of Ottawa Law School and all interested others (hopefully including you!) in the online analysis of sample campus disputes, and in discussions about building a highschool peer mediation program alumni network. ADR Cyberweek provides participants with an opportunity to explore the current (and possible future) state of dispute resolution and technology. The first ADR Cyberweek was held from November 9-13, 1998. Over 750 people from many different countries participated in some way in the totally online event in which participants can engage in conversations, simulations and other activities, and much of it can still be accessed online. If you would like to receive information prior to Cyberweek about the schedule and activities, sign up for the Cyberweek2000 listserv. To do so:    
1. Send a message to
2. Leave the Subject: line blank
3. The message should say subscribe cyberweek2000 firstname lastname

For more information, please contact Alan Gaitenby or Ethan Katsh, UMass Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution
* Phone 413.545.5879 * Fax 603.676.5752
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