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Conflict Management in Higher Ed Report
Volume 4, Number 1, Oct 2003

Building a High School
to College Campus Mediator


The working group identified the existing barriers and began outlining a vision of the ideal high school to college mediator bridge. We then set about drafting a work plan to address these concerns and begin making good things happen. The images below are thumbnails of some drawings the group did to focus our thinking. Clicking on them takes you to a larger view of the image.

bridge drawing bridge drawing
bridge drawing bridge drawing

We all agreed that, in order to be effective, work would have to occur on many levels simultaneously. A number of tasks were identified as important starting points. A sampling of these tasks is provided below.

Core Tasks Needed to Build the Bridge

  • Build and promote a national web site directed to young mediators
  • Encourage local consortiums between colleges, high schools, and community mediation centers
  • Work with College and University admissions people to identify high school peer mediation students who have been accepted
  • Develop a directory of current and past high school mediators
  • Sponsor college-based summer institutes on mediation in education
  • Build a peer mediation program alumni association
  • Develop "peer mediator club" start-up kits for use at colleges that don't offer student mediation services currently
  • Make available information about college programs to current peer mediators
  • Establish online directory of college conflict resolution degree programs
  • Locate corporate and government sponsorships
  • Write up a career guide for young mediators
  • Establish linkages to community mediation programs for students not going to college
  • Nurture Youth mediator clubs in community mediation centers with internships on campuses
  • Establish a national scholarship competition
  • Include high school and college students in "peacemaker of the year" type awards
  • Incorporate a "what's out there" at Colleges and Universities section into high school peer mediator training materials.

As you can see, to accomplish the group vision many people will need to get involved. Ideally, the following categories of participants would be brought into the initiative as it developed.

At the College and University Level

  • Admissions recruiters
  • Alumni
  • Service learning coordinators
  • Campus housing
  • Campus police
  • Ombuds
  • Administrators
  • Mediation Program Staff
  • Academic CR degree programs
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