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Volume 3, Number 2, February 2003

Teaching and Learning in Circle
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Student Comments about Using Circles

I enjoyed the circle aspect of the class. It made a most comfortable atmosphere for the class where people felt open and able to share their thoughts and feelings. It was definitely an open an inviting class.

There is a saying, "knowledge is power". Certainly, this is true about this class. We have shared our feelings, our knowledge, our thoughts and ideas. I especially like our circle format, and holding the feather to speak. I enjoyed hearing the gong and hearing the readings. So far this has been my best class at Cambridge College. This was terrific. Thank you everybody, thank you Greg. I am enriched.

The Circle has no beginning or end. It is "seasonal". The spirit within/of the circle (allows) everyone to prepare for what is coming to participate justly and equally.

As I enter this classroom I got the impression that I was in some form of religious ritual seeing the setting of the circle and the different symbols in the circle but after the lecturer introduced himself and each student did like wise. I realize it was done with the kindergarten children in order to bring them together , so that they are able to socialize and built that confidence in order to speak out in discussion time with out feeling any form of humiliation.

The past two days have also been enriched by our class discussions. I am grateful to be part of such a diverse group and learning about different cultures and rituals. I feel fortunate to hear about different countries firsthand from my classmates who have lived there. Finally, I feel very comfortable with our class interaction and circle setting. When we pass the feather around it is special to me. I feel a real connection to the group, a closeness that is different from any class I have taken at Cambridge College. All in all, a terrific learning experience!

I again, am blessed to be a part of a class that brings about such diversity and passion. Upon reflection, this is more than a credit seeking experience. I thank my peers for gracing me with the opportunity to be a part of your world.

This class is very effective. The way in which everyone participates is the key to the learning model's success.The reason why I have chosen to disclose seemingly personal parts of my existence is to help someone else get through whatever barriers that could be keeping them "stuck". I have learned that the ability to share honestly about my experiences provides unlimited opportunity for growth. Hope everyone has a blessed week. LOVE & RESPECT

Sunday's class was outstanding! I love the concept of the circle and, the "community" the circle spontaneously creates. I thank each of you for sharing different aspects of your biography. I would like to extend a special thank you to those of you who shared some of your most private and painful experiences. You made the class extraordinarily enriching. Thank you.

As adult learners each of us brings to the classroom an array of personal and professional experiences that elicit, I believe, a more engaging, challenging learning environment. Thank you for honoring this - through the powerful “circle” you created.

The circle is amazing – it lifted me up – it lifted us all up together.

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