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Volume 3, Number 2, February 2003


by Jane Smiley

Review by Trevor Richards

Political in-fighting. State budget cuts. The joy of fund raising and dealing with unethical corporate donors. FBI and CIA conspiracies. Extra-marital affairs. Campus protests. Fist fights. And sex - in the library stacks (as a librarian I can testify this happens more than one would think…), in the hallway, in the dorm, in the bedroom… Moo has it all. A tongue-in-cheek look at university life on a mythical campus in the American mid-west in 1989-90, Moo is a fast-paced, light hearted fun read. The book has interesting story-lines and well drawn characters, including the all-knowing, all powerful secretary who is the real power behind the throne, faculty members who range from young and idealistic to middle-aged know-it-alls, and a fascinating farm-yard animal.

A finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction, Moo is a good read for both those working in academia and for those who just want a light read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or something to distract one from the pain whilst working out at the gym.

Moo can be ordered from your local bookstore and is available as a paperback and an audio cassette (abridged).

You can also find it at most public libraries and on

Paper back ($7.99) - Ballantine Books ISBN: 0449910237, 198

Audio tape version ($17.00) - Random House (Audio) ISBN: 0679432019

*Audio tape edition

Trevor Richards is the Project Manager for our Conflict Management in Higher Education Resource Center.

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