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Volume 3, Number 1, Oct 2002

Similarities and Differences Between Campus Ombudsing and Mediation (page 4 of 4)


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Tim Grifffin has been the ombudsperson at NIU since 1991. He earned both a bachelors degree in Music and a masters in Counseling and Student Affairs from Western Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the Ohio State University. He has been a public school teacher in Michigan and a fulltime faculty member at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Ohio State University. He has also held various administrative appointments in Student Affairs including such areas as housing, judicial affairs, financial aid, student activities, student union, and central administration. At NIU, he serves as an ex-officio member of several NIU committees and teaches a section of the NIU course: UNIV-101, The Freshman Experience. He is a member of several professional organizations
and has been a board member of the University and College Ombuds Association. Dr. Griffin is a 1997 recipient of the NIU Presidential Supportive Professional Staff Award for Excellence.

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