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Volume 1, Number 3, August/September 2000

Negative Interactions with Faculty: Graduate Student Experiences

Table 1

Mistreatment Item

% of Respondents indicating item occurred Sometimes/Often
Gave little or no feedback on your performance on projects or exams-n 29.0
Failed to provide guidance to you on your work-n 25.3
Has not clearly defined the goals for the course despite repeated requests-n 23.9
Flaunted their status-hd 21.0
Showed lack of concern for your success in the program-n 19.5
Failed to show empathy or sympathy when you were having a tough time-n 19.5
Spoke to you in a sarcastic tone-hd 18.1
Not let you finish what you were saying-hi  13.7
Failed to return your calls despite repeated requests to do so-hi  13.0
Ignored you-n 11.5
Gave you excessively harsh criticism on your work-hd 10.9
Implied that teaching or advising students was not important to them-hd 10.9
Prevented you from getting information or resources you need for your work-hi  10.2
Told you your ideas or input were unimportant or irrelevant-hd 9.3
Belittled you intellectually-hd 7.2
Made sexist remarks-sh 6.5
Required you to perform tasks above and beyond your job or class responsibilities-hi  5.8
Failed to show up for appointments with you-n 4.3
Did not respond to inappropriate remarks or behavior from other students-n 4.3
Told suggestive stories or offensive jokes-sh 4.3
Glared at you or gave you a "dirty look"-hd 3.6
Asked intrusive or personal questions-hd 3.6
Blamed you for their mistakes-hd 3.6
Humiliated you or put you down in front of others-hd 2.9
Gestured at you in a hostile manner-hd 2.9
Took credit for your work or ideas-hi  2.9
Made racist remarks 2.2
Yelled or screamed at you-hd 2.2
Told you that no one else would ever advise you or hire you-hd 2.2
Singled you out because of some outstanding physical feature-sh 2.2
Spread rumors about you or your work-hi  0.7

n=Neglect subscale item

hd=Hostile Direct subscale item

hi=Hostile Indirect subscale item

sh=Sexual Harassment Item

Jagatic and Keashly, 2000

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