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Volume 1, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2000

The "Art" of Campus Mediation

Most colleges and universities now provide campus programs with webspace to post brochures, policies or course materials online. This provides campus mediation initiatives with the opportunity to create an valuable online presence. The Campus Mediation Resources website maintains a list of links to examples of mediation information online that I have found. While many of the existing efforts are still rather "plain," occasionally one comes upon some interesting and creative work. In this "art"icle, readers are invited to view some examples of campus mediation graphics. Links to the programs featured below can be found at the above noted list. Perhaps you'll be inspired to try developing some of your own artwork. If you do, please let us know for future reference.

UC Irvine Campus Mediation Program

UC Irvine CMP logo

Humboldt Peacemakers Association

Humboldt Peacemakers

NYU Student Mediation Services

NYU Student Mediation

Livingston College (Rutgers University) Mediation Center

Livingston College logo 1
Livingston College Logo 2

Michigan State University Setting Expectations, Resolving Conflict Program

MSU Resolving Conflict Prgm

The University of Texas - Austin
Conflict Resolution Center

UT Austin Con Res Cntr logo

Tulane University Mediation Program

Tulane Univ Mediation Prgm

Gettysburg College Campus Mediation Program

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