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Submission Guidelines

The purpose of the quarterly REPORT is to address the growing interest in information, news, research summaries, and practice tipsabout conflict management in higher education. The REPORT publishes a range of feature articles designed to appeal to a broad audience within higher education that includes campus mediators and problem-solvers, ombuds, campus administrators, student affairs and human resource personnel, campus conflict resolution trainers, students interested in conflict studies, and faculty teaching or doing research in the area. In additional to the main feature articles, regular features include announcements and reviews of relevant books and teaching or training resources, sample training roleplay scripts or case studies, news, upcoming events in the field, and abstracts of past and current relevant articles from the periodicals.

Readers expect our features to be informative, thought-provoking articles written in an accessible way. The goal is for those interested in but not necessarily familiar with the specific topic to be able to easily grasp the key issues without wading through jargon or overly technical material. Because campus conflict management is essentially an applied area, information about innovations or lessons from practice are also appreciated.

We welcome contributions from colleagues, and suggest that you consult with the editor regarding the appropriateness and timeliness of your potential topic prior to investing significant time writing it up.

If you would like to contribute to this newsletter please send your paper to:
Bill Warters, CMHER Editor c/o
Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Project
Department of Communication
585 Manoogian Hall
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI 48201
phone: (313) 993-7482
General Guidelines on Length

Original articles
- 1000-2000 words
Research Summaries - 1000-2000 words
Resource Announcement/Review - 500 words
Calls for Proposals - < 600 words
Event Announcements - < 600 words

The final length of an article depends on the type of article, use of illustrations and the amount of available space. All articles may be shortened by the editor if this is required.

Presentation and Submission

One copy to be sent as an e-mail attachment or on a cd to the Editor. (The electronic version should be saved as a Microsoft Word file or as a plain ASCII text file.)

Please use the same base font and point size throughout the article. Do not center titles, subtitles or section headings. Do not use underline, boldface, or any other special font or point-size.

The lead paragraph (approx. 50 words) should inspire further reading. Make it interesting!

At the end of the article please identify the author in one or two lines. Include: title, institutional affiliation, academic or area speciality, and (if you wish) an e-mail address.

If you wish to include a 'side-bar' (for references, etc.) please place the text at the end of the article, with the word [side-bar] in square brackets. Mark it clearly on the hard copy as well!

If used, images and screen grabs will eventually need to be converted to JPEG or GIF files to be used on the web. The editor can usually also work with TIFF or EPS files as well. For further information and advice contact the Editor.


References cited in the text should be consecutively numbered and then listed at the end of the article in the order in which they are cited. If you are citing information you have obtained from the Internet please cite the full URL and the date you accessed it. For example:

1. Environmental Council of the States, ECOS Performance Partnership Survey Results (1997),, table 1, [accessed 12 January 1998].
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