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The CONFLICT MANAGEMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION REPORT is intended to be a free, quarterly online periodical serving higher education constituencies interested in conflict management. The specific goal of the REPORT is to provide useful resources, information, news, and brief feature articles that will be of interest to people working on conflict resolution issues in higher education contexts. Potential audience members include campus mediators and program coordinators, administrators and staff looking for new conflict management options, faculty members teaching Conflict Studies or ADR courses, and researchers and systems designers exploring campus conflict processes.

The REPORT will draw on material that has been developed over the last several years for the Campus Mediation Resources Website. And as the Higher Education affiliate of the new Conflict Resolution Information Project (funded by the Hewlett Foundation, see related story in our first issue) even more resources can be brought to bear making the REPORT as timely and useful as possible. The Editor, Bill Warters, also hopes to establish a network of editorial correspondents and writers who will provide content and ideas for the REPORT as it matures. You can indicate your interest in participating in some manner when you fill out the registration form, or by email at a later date. While the newsletter will remain free for at least the first year, readers are asked to complete an online survey/subscription form as the "price of admission" in order to be included in the publication's mailing list. To subscribe to the newsletter (and perhaps provide news, articles or resources for it), please complete this form. Subscribers will receive an email announcement with a brief summary of the current contents when new issues are posted, making it easy to stay in touch and informed.
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