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Thank you for your interest in our quarterly publication for people (students, staff, faculty, administrators, and outside trainers and consultants) who are practicing, teaching, or researching conflict resolution in higher education. While the Report is free, we ask all new subscribers to take a few moments to fill out this brief form as the "price of admission." Your information and comments will help the editors provide the most useful and relevant content possible. We will not sell or distribute your information without your express permission.

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Doctoral Level Student Emeritus Faculty Member
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Staff Member University Police/Security Officer
Administrator Outside Consultant/Trainer
Part-time/Adjunct Faculty Member EAP Counselor
Full-time Assistant Professor Other...

4) My primary Major/Department/Division within
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5) I have been working at or attending my
current college or university for approximately years.

6) I have had experience with campus conflict and conflict resolution as a(n)... (check all that apply)

participant in a mediation session
campus mediation program coordinator
grievant/appeals board user
trainer of mediators
litigant (claimant or respondant)
conflict resolution skills workshop leader
collective bargaining team member
faculty/instructor for course(s) on ADR-related topic
partnering session participant
researcher examining campus conflict
informal problem-solver/advisor
dispute systems (re)designer
judicial board member
EEO/affirmative action officer
appeals board member
advocate, party representative
grievance board member
mediator (informally)
administrator addressing conflict within my division
mediator (formally, for official program/project)
administrator addressing conflict external to my division
mediator in my high school or middle school
sexual harrassment officer
mediation program intake worker

7) I am a member of the following organizations:

COPRED TOA ASJA (Apologies for the Alphabet Soup,
but if you are a member of one
of these groups you'll recognize
it, right...?)

III. Newsletter Preferences and Suggestions

8) I would particularly like to see articles/stories
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    Campus Mediation/ADR Program Profiles

    Calls for Proposals/Papers

    Related National/Local News

    Conference Announcements

    Announcements of New Resources

    Training/workshop Announcements

    Book and Resource Reviews

    Abstracts of Relevant Articles

    Teaching Resources/Tips

    Practitioner Tips

    Research Summaries/Reviews

    Feature Stories on Select Topics

    Legal/Legislative Issues Summaries


    Point-Counterpoint Discussions

    Sample Case Studies/Roleplays

10) The kinds of campus conflicts or issues I am most interested in learning more about are:

IV. Collaborative Opportunities/Interests

11) If need be, I might be willing to contribute a short article (1,000-3,000 words is typical range) on:

12) A campus conflict resolution resource (such as a video, sample document, related artwork, graphic, roleplay script, bibliography, etc.) from our campus that might possibly be profiled or shared via the bulletin is:

13) If you are interested in the possibility of becoming an Editoral Correspondent for the Conflict Management in Higher Education Report, perhaps by covering a particular "beat" of interest to our readers, please email Bill Warters ( directly to start a discussion. If you have ideas of areas you might like to cover, please indicate such in your note.

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